A Candle In The Dark

Harness the magic of the sacred hearth flame and transform your house into a true home with our small batch, hand-poured, scented soy wax container candles and wax melts. Illuminate your space with the enchantment of bewitching aromas, meticulously crafted to conjure an ambiance that resonates with your soul. Embrace the alchemy of fragrance as you kindle the essence of home with every flicker, making each moment a symphony of captivating scents and comforting warmth. Illuminate your path with our radiant offerings and embrace the spellbinding allure of A Candle in the Dark.

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Welcome to A Candle in the Dark: Illuminate Your World with Enchanting Fragrances

Step into a world of captivating scents and warm radiance as you enter the online haven of A Candle in the Dark. My store front page invites you to explore a treasure trove of hand-poured candles and wax melts, each meticulously crafted by me, a chandler in Iron Mountain, MI. Whether you seek a cozy aroma to complement the current season or a specific category to browse, I have a candle to suit every preference and elevate your ambiance.

Embrace the Season: Allow me to guide you through the ever-changing beauty and magic of each season with my curated selection of candles here on the front page. Experience scents that harmonize with nature's moods, creating a blissful atmosphere no matter the time of year. From warm, spicy brews in autumn to fresh, floral concoctions for spring, my seasonal selections add a touch of magic to every moment.

Organized Categories for Effortless Browsing:

Container Candles: Discover the allure of candles poured in 8oz tins, where the dance of the elements fuses to create radiant enchantments that illuminate your sacred space.

Wax Melts: Immerse yourself in the convenience of wax melts, releasing delightful fragrances that infuse your space with charm.

Clearance: Delight in half-price treasures from my tin and wax melt collections, providing magical offerings for the wise witch on a quest for enchanting scents at unbeatable prices.

Scent Wheel: Decipher the intricate alchemy of fragrance as I categorize my products based on their primary fragrance notes and their relation to the Scent Wheel. Explore a kaleidoscope of scents, each spellbinding and unique.

Collections: Elevate your metaphysical journey with specially curated, themed collections. From the celestial Zodiac to mystical Planets, each collection offers an immersive journey into themed enchantment.

Cauldrons: Behold the bewitching magic of my specially crafted candles poured into cast iron cauldrons, available in two sizes. These cauldron candles exude an aura of mystery and magic and are the perfect instruments to infuse your space with potent sorcery

Crafted with Passion and a touch of Magic: At A Candle in the Dark, I honor the traditions of ancient magical practice. Each candle and wax melt is lovingly handcrafted by me, your chandler in Iron Mountain, MI, imbuing them with a small touch of magical essence. The alchemy of fire and fragrance creates a symphony of enchantment, infusing your space with the energies of the cosmos.

As you wander through my candlecraft emporium, let the bewitching scents and mystic stories of each candle awaken the witch within. Illuminate your path with captivating fragrances and bask in the luminous glow of A Candle in the Dark, where magic and chemistry converge to unleash spells of aromatic delight!

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The Magic of the Hearth

Bring warmth, light, and comfort into your home with a hand-poured soy candle from A Candle In The Dark! Candles invoke the ancient symbolism of the Sacred Flame and have a magic all their own in creating ambience, setting mood, and transforming a house into a home. With over 60 unique scents to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect match for your vibe! Visit my shop and bring home your very own spark of the Divine!

About Me

Kevin M;


I am a single individual trying to make ends meet in this world, just like everyone else. I'm not some big corporation; I'm just a guy who likes candles and believes in the magic of making a house into a home. I started in January of 2022, and currently have a selection of both scented candle tins and scented wax melts. For those with a more magical mindset, I am also working on creating candles suitable for rituals and spellwork.


My home office and workshop is located in Iron Mountain, Michigan. At this time, I do not have a physical storefront. However, I do travel to craft shows all over the Upper Peninsula, where you can purchase my candles in-person. Check out my facebook page for more information!


520 W F St, Iron Mountain, Michigan